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Sandy Campbell

Sandy has been the Executive Director of the Santa Fe Council on International Relations since June of 2016. Originally from Canada, he has a Master's degree in International Relations and from 2002-2016 worked in the international development sector. With a specific focus on the intersections between health research and health policy, Sandy has lived and worked in Sénégal, Zambia, and Kenya and spent significant time working on projects in Tanzania and South Africa. He has helped build several African organizations focused on national or regional health policy development; has developed methodologies and approaches actively connecting health research and health policy processes; and has shot documentaries around the world, including an investigation into Big Tobacco practices in five African countries.

Over 2008-2016, he was an independent consultant for the World Health Organization, national and provincial governments, research funders, nonprofit organizations, and research universities. Previous to this (2002-2008), he served as a program officer at the International Development Research Centre, developing and maintaining a $2 million grant portfolio across sub-Saharan Africa. He is a parent to two young children, a partner to his wife Michelle (whom he met in Cape Town), a world musician, skier, and hiker.