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Cyril Bumbálek

Cyril Bumbálek is career diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. He joined McCain Institute for International Leadership in September 2018 for a one year fellowship with the McCain Institute’s Counterterrorism and National Security Team as National Security Fellow.


During his diplomatic career, Bumbálek was Deputy Head of Mission in the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Baghdad and Deputy Representative of the Czech Republic in Ramallah (to the Palestinian National Authority). He also served as Czech national delegate in COARM (conventional arms) Working Group of the Council of the European Union and he held the position of Head of Arms Export Control Unit of Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bumbálek started his diplomatic work on Iran, Iraq and GCC and Yemen desk of Middle East and North Africa Department in 2008.


Before joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Bumbálek worked as Research Fellow in the Association for International Affairs (AMO,, leading non-governmental no-for–profitPrague-based organization. Simultaneously, he pursued his PhD on Iranian political transformation after dead of revolutionary leader Khomeini at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of the Charles University in Prague. Bumbálek received his PhD degree in philosophy in 2012. He also holds MA degree in law from Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague. Bumbálek was briefly involved into professional journalism between 2006 and 2008 when he worked as international news reporter for Czech Daily newspaper. He also served in Asylum and Immigration Policy Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic at the beginning of his career.


Bumbálek’s broad professional and academic interests include modern history and politics of the Middle East, terrorism and radicalization, security and defence policy, including cyber security and cyber terrorism, hybrid threats, WMD proliferation and arms trade. He is primarily focused on Iran (domestic, foreign and defence policy, nuclear program, human rights), Iraq, Middle Eastern Kurds and the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP).


Bumbálek has authored and co-authored academic articles, research and policy papers published mainly in the Czech Republic. He led a research sponsored team by the Czech MFA Iranian foreign policy and co-authored a monograph on political Islam. Currently, Bumbálek is working on the publication of a book on Iranian political system in transition. He has lectured on Middle Eastern history and politics at Charles University in Prague, Metropolitan University in Prague and Anglo-American University in Prague. Bumbálek has also extensive mentoring experience focused on legal and administrative aspects of Czech/Eastern European transition in the area of arms export control.